Every product and a service has a purpose, some stay stagnant while some create an impact. We, the competitive marketeers intend to make sure our clients create a global impact.

Do you have a product to be sold or a service to offer but was held back due to lack of reach to the right clientele. We recommend a change of your marketing strategy to make sure you are ahead of the race. The most important factor that decides the lifespan of a venture is marketing. If you are sure of your venture, try evaluating your 4 P’s in next 5 minutes, namely product, pricing, promotion and place. If the 4 seem fine that’s when you know you need a strategist to create a market for you.

Welcome to IBuy, your marketing strategist.

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We offer 3 support services


    With world wide web around you, why not act local but think global. We intend to build your unique world within the world wide web. The basics involve a website, a sales platform, social media and a cool mobile app, without them, you are not noticed on internet. We could setup this up for you. With digital marketing on board apart from prominent virtual associations you get to choose the city, state or a country that you would like to cater to.


    A strategy is great when you have the right resources, in some cases the impact of uniqueness is based on marketing. Have you considered building a marked area of clients, just the way a fisherman marks his best catch spot. Our strategy for you involves marking the boundaries of exploration by adding a digital support as the backbone similar to most of the successful online stores that convinced you to buy from them.

    A TEAM

    With a great venture and best mates to work with, we recommend a team of marketing specialist to guide the path of glory and success. We at IBuy, handpick great team mates to assist your venture when in need it maybe for an hour or a month, you get to choose. Your venture can be a single person oriented or group oriented, but the strength of marketing remains to the one who is the go getter among you. Let us know if you need a go getter in your team.


People say about us.

I am extremely happy with the service you have provided. I do not understand how you can possibly do all the work you at the quality level you achieve for the price you charge.We will most definitely be using your services on a regular basis.Good job! I will work only with.

Anna Mcburn,Self Employed Housewife.

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