Kickstart a business
in 48 hours.

Become a self actuated enterpreneuer.

Gain professional support to guide your existing venture.

Business plan development.

We the global network of business architects powered by VCU Business Solutions and Team VCU transform new streams of revenue generation into technology powered E - Businesses with ROI breakup and profit estimation.Stock Share’s customizable makes your needs done efficiently.


Identify the reason why your newest venture didn’t again you a progressive graph, we recommend to double check on your market analysis . We could like to identify the 4 P’s and the best solution to make it better.


We assist our clients build business plans that could change the world and not just a single professional, the simplest ideas well planned made difference in service and telecom sector.

Audits and

Sometimes when you are busy in daily routine, you require professionals to evaluate, audit and make changes to your current setup. We offer our team of mentors and consultants for an hour or even for successfully completion of a target.

Accounts and

Do you find difficulty in managing your monthly budgets , if so you need a cost control division to pin point the right reasons and to keep it under your financial control. We provide cost controllers for clients of various sectors.

Are you someone with an interest in Business planning? Be a part of our team.

Stock Shares will do the best to make each of your business movements highlighted for success and give you completely enhanced Business solution .

We collect minimum information at this point of time as our team would like to get in touch with you via email or Skype to make sure we got the right idea.

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